Finetuning your dream career with Jen from Jackdaw Editorial

YAY! The next interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is here! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week starring the wonderfully sweet and funny Jen Feroze from Jackdaw Editorial.

I was delighted to get Jen on the show because she is the very definition of community over competition, and we forged a strong bond over our ability to go off on tangents. Come and find out about smuggling mango chutney through airports and other larks, as we delve into a fun chat.

I wanted to ask her more about her story, how she decided how she wanted to spend her time, making connections, what she thinks it takes to be an entrepreneur and exactly how she manages being a Mum and a business woman!

Enjoy and please don’t forget to hit like + subscribe if you enjoy the Gin & Magic videos 🙂

Thanks so much, Jen, you were wonderful!

Jen’s official bio:

Jen is a copywriter for the wedding industry. A lifelong word nerd, award-winning poet and experienced writer and editor, Jen works with talented entrepreneurs to help them tell their stories, connect with their clients and find their voices. She’s also a Hufflepuff, mother to a wonderfully lunatic almost-three-year-old, and consummate eater of chocolate biscuits. 

To find out more about Jen, head here:


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See you next time!

Maddy x
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