Figuring it all out with Julie Michaelsen Photographer & Coach

Woop! The next interview in my Gin and Magic YouTube series championing strong creative women is here! Straight from my home to your eyes + ears, this week featuring the lovely Julie Michaelsen, fine art luxury wedding photographer and business coach for introvert photographers.

When Julie, possibly one of the sweetest people I’ve met in the wedding industry and possibly my life, agreed to come on Gin and Magic I knew it was a big deal for her because she is a (her words) ‘classic introvert’ by nature and video is a lot for even the most confident of sorts! But I am so so grateful she came along and shared her wisdom because I love her openness, her transparency – she is an inspiration even though she may not see herself as one, because she’s doing it all and loving life in such an empowering way that suits her.

In our chat, we talk about the power of Pinterest, a very special Les Miserables moment, and learning from her mistakes and of course, figuring it all out.

With each interview I feature on Gin & Magic I am reminded of why I started this channel. To find out how others ‘do it’, how women are making their lives work, how they grow their businesses and how they enjoy life. Chatting to Julie was no exception.

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Thanks so much, Julie, you were brilliant!

Julie’s bio

Named one of the Top UK Photographers Everyone Wants to Book in 2019 Julie is a luxury fine art wedding photographer shooting film in the UK & abroad.

Julie left a high flying career in Finance to start her wedding photography business in 2013. Her unique experience in dealing with high net worth clients and institutions in the hedge fund world defines her client service and experience.

Julie has studied under the tutelage of industry leaders such as Jose Villa and Greg Finck. Julie has had weddings and editorials published on all the big UK blogs, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Green wedding Shoes, 100 layer cake to name a few. Julie is excited to now be extending her business to include business coaching for (slightly introverted) Fine Art Wedding Photographers who want to take their business to the next level

Links to stalk here:

For Coaching:

Her Facebook group for Fine Art Wedding Photographers
That Fine Art Life – Facebook Page For Coaching

For Photography


And THAT Les Miserables video shot by Philip White

We’ll be back once again next week with the next interview for Gin & Magic strong creative women series! But in the meantime, check out some of the other videos on Gin & Magic here.

See you next time!

Maddy x
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