I absolutely adore speaking at events…

…to and for ambitious business owners who have brilliant, dazzling businesses, who need a hand with putting themselves out there for the world to see. 

I don’t have an exceptional range of sparkling outfits, in-your-face earrings and famous pink queen flamingo slippers (called Patsy and Eddie, don’t ya know) to only be seen from the neck-up on a laptop screen – oh no.

I’m mega passionate about SEO and visibility – about showing people what’s possible, supporting business owners in reaching their potential, and helping them not be scared of the work involved in doing so. Just like the 80s power ballad, we’re not gonna sit in silence and we’re certainly not gonna live with fear (ohhh, whoooooooaaa…). It’s this energy and enthusiasm, combined with my 8+ years of freelance experience, 16 years’ of marketing know-how and 20+ years of being online, that helps me break down topics otherwise seen as dry and dull or too techy and terrifying, and transforms people’s businesses.

As you can tell – stuffy, boring, black-calibri-on-white-slides are not the way glass ceilings are smashed, and so they’re simply not the way I present. You can see a selection of some of my keynote titles below, but if you’ve got something else in mind, please do slide into my DMs – Ain’t Nobody LOVE creating tailored presentations for exciting briefs more than me (and if there’s scope for an 80s song lyric in there, then even better! 😉 )

My signature shine topics

want to book me to speak at your event but not sure what to ask for? Here are my signature shine topics that I just love talking about.

How to not
be invisible online

It’s time to get real about what’s holding us back from our full business potential: and that, my friends, is visibility. There are lots of things, both big and small, that we do to limit our future success without ever realising: in this mind-blowing and motivating talk I shine the light on them so that you can then fully let you shine through.

Video might have killed the radio star, but visibility brought them back – so let’s stop you being invisible, shall we?

How to get to page one and stay there

Getting to page one of search engines is definitely the question I get asked the most*, so in this engaging and energetic talk I teach not only how to get to Number 1, but how to stay there too, for long-lasting business success. My tried-and-tested framework to catapult you to search engine stardom, delivered with my trademark enthusiasm and energy, will take you from feeling bottom rung of the ladder to on top of the world. The only way is up, baby!

*Along with “Maddy, were you born this fabulous?”, the answer to which is yes, but I’ve definitely grown into it – see the talk above for more on that!

Seoverwhelm to Seeking Exciting Opportunities

If your guests think they know SEO – think again. Let’s banish SEOverwhelm and take your guests to Seeking Exciting Opportunities – which is what I call SEO! It’s a revelation, a revolution, and a revitalisation for business owners everywhere who know that SEO is the key but haven’t quite cracked it yet. With my signature blend of business values, content marketing and keyword expertise, I deliver punchy SEO strategy that gets results.

As the Pointer Sisters sang, I’m So Excited…and I just won’t hide it, because it helps other people get excited, get seen and get booked too. You know the song…

Stop Hiding Behind the Camera

You see all these people chatting away on their Instagram Stories, even (gulp) going Live. Thing is you may know your stuff when it comes to putting others in front of the camera, but what about you and showing your face, your personality, your voice? It doesn’t have to be cheesy, it doesn’t have to be excruciating, it can actually be really enjoyable and work well for you and your business.

In this talk I share how I grew my business by sharing my voice, and the steps I teach my creative clients so they can do the same. I’ll give you practical tips on what to say, and how to say it, where you can find enough ideas for a content strategy for your biz so you can get more bookings.

"If you're looking for a speaker who will inspire, entertain and encourage then look no further than Maddy Shine. Maddy's motivational and 'non stuffy' approach makes the usually scary and untouchable topic of SEO and visibility a genuinely fun experience."

– Tori & Caroline, The Wedding Planners

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Maddy Shine is a coach who helps ambitious female entrepreneurs get more sales by increasing visibility.

Known as the SEO & Visibility Queen, she has helped hundreds of clients get to page one of Google, as she teaches no-fluff strategies that focus on business growth. In 2020 she launched the High Vis podcast, your biz bestie for visibility and has used lockdown to help thousands of entrepreneurs with her group courses and The Visible Vibe Community, a thriving community of female entrepreneurs learning to become visible.

She firmly believes that life is literally full of opportunity, and it’s up to us to find and get booked by those who want to work with us.

Specialising in the creative industries, Maddy has been featured on many industry stages, podcasts and events in the UK and around the world. Based in London, Maddy is easily spotted by her ever-changing hair and large and colourful earrings. Her love of naming inanimate objects (Gladys is her hair and Penelope is her drinks trolley) entertains people daily over on Instagram and Sandi Toksvig once called her a clever girl, a fact she cherishes daily.

You can follow her on Instagram here – @maddy.shine and check out more about her here – maddyshine.com

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Maddy Shine is affectionately known as the SEO & Online Visibility Queen. Her mission is to help passionate and ambitious independent women get more bookings online through being found at the top of search engines, effortlessly booking their ideal clients. When she gets hold of your business, it’s like a glitter bomb goes off. You can find her sharing tips + dancing here on Instagram

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