Does having an ideal client really make a difference?

Does having an ideal client really make a difference?

So, something I get asked all the time, isn’t where did you come from you sparkly Gandalf you (although that has been asked before I admit) but it’s this question I get asked over and over again….does having an ideal client REALLY matter?!

How? Why? Huh?

So, I decided to make this the topic of today’s episode of the High Vis podcast – all about your ideal client, and why indeed it does make a difference. Now, more than ever*.

As a taster of what’s in store, allow me to jog your memory, it is your decision how you run your business. It is up to you what kind of work you want to do and who you want to work with.

No, really.

If you’re just starting out (or even when bookings have dipped), you might think “I’ll take any work going” but let me tell you now, when you know who you want to work with, their values, their location, their budget  – you will get more bookings.

If you throw out the net and hope for the best, you won’t attract the work you love or the people who share your values, so you need to niche down and know who it is you want to be talking to.

Now, this isn’t just some woo woo thing, it’s as simple as when you’re clear on your ideal client,  it becomes clear to them that you’re the right person to help!  And the best bit is, there isn’t a finite amount of your ideal clients.

So I have some top tips to share with you to help you find your niche, show up as yourself, and ultimately get more of the work you want.

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Come and tell me on Instagram @maddy.shine which was your favourite tip, I’d love to hear from you.
*I know, I’m rolling my eyes at the overuse of this phrase too. But it’s true!

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Maddy x
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