It’s no secret that as small business owners, we have to create content to be visible

I’m talking posts, graphics, blogs, emails and videos.

you feel like you’re going round in circles

We know we have to create this content to get attention from the people who might want to buy from us. If we don’t, we will never get the attention we want on what we sell but we if we could only just get more consistent (whatever that means)

most people feel like this about making content


why Maddy, why is coming up with things to post so HARD?


why aren’t I getting the attention I deserve when I do post?


is it even possible to more consistent with my posting?


if I could just find the right social media scheduler, then I’d be happy!

With this in mind, I’ve created a brand new way to get your content sorted in a day!


Thursday 21st March 2024


The Day of Content is for you if:

you want to make content EASIER and QUICKER

you want to know what people to say to take action

you want to stop the overthinking and feel inspired and motivate

You’re not ready for this if:

You’re not willing to put in the work to start hitting publish

You don’t want to make your content work harder for you

You want to continue on the vicious cycle of dreaming + not posting

Here’s how the Day of Content will go


Come join me online as I walk you through how to sort your content plan for each stage of your customer journey, and figure out a strategy for your business. I’ll show you easy tools to figure out your plan and I’ll even show you how to use AI so you’re not stealing anyone else’s content but using your brilliant expertise easily.

11-12 – TIME TO MAP

Time for you to map out your content plan with my support so you feel confident and ready to go and you’ll get the chance to get your new content plan reviewed.

12-12.30 – LUNCH BREAK

12.30-1.15 – TAKE THAT ACTION

In this session, I’ll offer you prompts to create your content following your new plan of action


I’ll review your content live in this session, giving you tips so you feel more clear and confident to head out into the world!

You have two options to pay and book your spot for the day of Content

Well hello there

I’m Maddy Shine, and I show women like you to grow your business by getting visible!

I teach no-fluff strategies that work through my Visibility Talks podcast, my online members’ community Visible Vibes, my online courses and working with clients 1:1. In 12 years of running my own businesses, I’ve worked with women across the world, and when lockdown hit, I worked with thousands of women on how to stay visible online.

Based in London, I’m easily spotted by my bright blue hair and colourful earrings. Oh and Sandi Toksvig once called her a clever girl, a fact I cherish daily.

I do hope to hang out with you for our Day of Content! See you there.

Got a question? Email me on maddy@maddyshine.co.uk

So, what are you waiting for?


Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert