STEP ONE - Sort your Content for the Year

Have you heard of the term ‘content plan’ and thought ‘get in the bin, I can barely think of what to post today, let alone for the future’. But actually with even a loose structure, you can have plenty of room for creativity, spontaneous projects and fun posts that actually get engagement.


In this training we go through step by step:

  • How to plan the right content to get to page one of Google
  • How to make sure you’re never left sitting in front of a blank screen filled with frustration
  • How to rank ABOVE your competitors on Google
  • What you need to do to get more people SEEING and booking you!
STEP TWO - What are your keywords?

Have you heard of keywords? Perhaps you’re wondering what yours are, how to figure this out and how to use them on your website.

In this training we will go through step by step:

  • how to identify your keywords
  • how to use your keywords in your website
STEP THREE - Time to start blogging!

You know you need to be doing this thing called blogging but what is it? Where do you start? Do you really have to do it? How will it help and what on earth do you write? In this masterclass we’ll go through the basics on the what, why + how. It’s not one to miss!

In this training we will go through step by step:

  • what blogging is and where to start
  • how to get blogging even if you’ve never done it before
  • how to come up with content ideas
STEP FOUR - Start an email newsletter

Have you heard the idea of having a newsletter and thought :

my audience isn’t big enough
I wouldn’t know where to begin
won’t the tech be hard
how does it fit with blogs / social media / website content?

I hear you. I started my newsletter with 20 subscribers, so there’s never too early a time to start, and the tech can be really simple if you keep it simple.

In this training we will go through step by step:

  • Where to begin with setting up a newsletter
  • The step by step method you can use
  • How it all fits in with blogs and social media so you can crack on and be in touch with your subscribers without overthinking it all
STEP FIVE - How to attract more local business

Have you ever thought – I just want to attract more business from my town, neighbourhood or local area, but wondered how to focus your efforts that much without becoming boring? Well, this training will help you break through that barrier and get you taking action to attract more local business.

In this training we will go through step by step:

  • How to get your business locally known
  • How to use your words effectively to get found
  • How to tell Google where you are in the world
Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert