Who are you? What do you offer? How are you communicating this? If you’re unclear, your audiencee are DEFINITELY going to be unclear so make sure you have a clear business model and plan.

Create your business model

Now, who are you talking to? Yes, you want to find ideal clients. Are you sharing who you are on a regular basis in order to attract them? Are you sharing makes you a useful person to have in their lives? Are you sharing what problem do you solve for people? Or what makes what you do a strong offer? Or what makes you stand out against all the other people who do what you do?

Check out the ideal client training here.


Nail Your Messaging here


What do you want to achieve? How are you going to achieve it? You can’t just magic things out of nowhere, you need to break it down and analyse the ‘what’ so you can get to the ‘how.

Check out the Goals & Intentions training here

Now, what do you offer? What are the specifics? How are you communicating these?

If you’re a service based business check how you’re communicating your offer here

If you’re a product based business you’ll need this one to fix your online shop and this one to fix your product descriptions


Now, where are you ranking on Google for your keywords? When you know where you rank, you know what to improve on.

Use this training to walk you through the steps.

Do you have your keywords in the right places on your website to help improve your rankings?

Check this training to ensure it’s all fab and fixed!

(Sid note: if you’ve never done your keywords do this – where are you located in the world? And where are you saying this on your website? Maybe location doesn’t matter to your type of business, but other words do.

Make sure you have your keywords sorted with this keywords training)



Yep you need to get on with creating and publishing content.

Sort your content training

You knew it was coming – you need to be blogging to boost your rankings! Are you creating content on your blog + social media that points to the service / product you want to promote?

Get blogging


Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert