STEP ONE - Are you blocking out time for this?

Are you blocking out time to work on your visibility regularly? The likelihood is not really, so it’s time to change that, check out these resources to help you.

Time Resources in Visible Vibes


Google isn’t always up to date with what we see on our websites. You can check in Google Search Console under Sitemaps > Last read to see if it needs re-submitting. Not sure how?

Follow the steps in the Google Search Console training here

Step Three - Check your keywords

Are the keywords you’re choosing definitely the right ones to focus on right now?

Go through the “What are my keywords?” training here – what they are, how to find out what yours are and how to use them to get found by your ideal clients and customers.

Step Four - Add your keywords in the right places

You now need to ensure that your pages and blogs are all optimised for the keywords. If you’re on WordPress you can use Yoast, but if you have any other type of website you can still add your keywords in the right places.

Here’s a training all about it.

Step Five - time to blog

You knew it was coming – you need to be blogging to boost your rankings! Are you creating content on your blog + social media that points to the service / product you want to promote?

Watch the training on how to blog here

Step Six - Show up on social media

Are you showing up on social media and drawing attention to your products + services? Easy win is to keep reminding people of your old blogs – check what’s popular on Google Analytics and get re-sharing!

Watch the Sort Your content for the Year training here

Step Seven - Build those links

Are you checking out who is at position one on page one of Google for your keyword phrase and checking their backlinks and seeing how you can get similar?

​​​​​​If this is completely new to you, it’s all about getting links from other quality relevant websites to link to you whether it’s through being listed on their directories or being interviewed by them or writing a guest blog for them, or even simply getting a product or service mention on their websites.

You can find out all about this in the link building training here.

Step Nine - Get 1:1 coaching on a call

Have you applied for a hotseat in the Visible Vibes Q&A call? Head over to the Facebook group here.

Maddy Shine - Visibility Expert