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Writing your About page with Ellie Kime

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Struggling to write about yourself? What do you even say on your About page? If you have burning questions do make sure you watch this video.  We are delighted to have a guest expert for this vital training Ellie Kime of The Wedding...

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Product Based Biz? Sort your Product Descriptions

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Listen up everyone who has an online shop (or thinking about it!), this one's for you. I know how writing product descriptions is really challenging, so I've created this template process for you to use. Watch the video and then download the...

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Networking For Introverts

ABOUT THIS TRAINING This is for you if: Self-employed introverts, ambiverts, deep thinkers, quiet souls, sensitive humans, socially awkward or anxious beans. Anyone who hates the idea of networking but knows it’s a good idea when building a business. What will you...

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How to Write Social Media Captions that Get Results

  ABOUT THIS TRAINING Do you get stressed out when it comes to writing social media captions and therefore avoid it, rush it or do what you've always done and hope for the best? In this training we go through step by step how to write social media captions that...

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How to write better copy with Franky from Love Audrey

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard the term 'good copy’ and thought ‘I don’t know how to go about writing it’? Actually, it’s easier than you think, and you don’t need a degree in English to do it! In this training with copywriting expert Franky from Love Audrey,...

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How to use Dubsado + increase your sales

ABOUT THIS TRAINING In this special talk, you'll be introduced to the Dubsado software, and how to harness the power of it in your business.  Caroline, owner of successful Lake District wedding venue Cote How, will share how it's helped her manage hundreds of...

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How to use AI to ethically create content

ABOUT THIS RESOURCE In this short video I walk through how to use the free AI tool "Copy AI" to turn my blog posts into Instagram captions. You'll notice that by editing and using my discernment you can use AI for good. However, please do not use it to come up with...

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How to set up Google Forms

ABOUT THIS RESOURCE Have you always wanted to survey your audience, your clients, customers, perhaps an event that you're hosting either online or in real life? You can use Google Forms for free! In this tutorial we will go through how to set up and use Google...

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How to Sell more without the ick

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Do you worry about being too “salesy”? How to build that know, like + trust factor so any marketing + SEO you do actually works! How to use video in a way that works for you + gets results How to beat imposter syndrome when it comes to putting...

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How to post to Instagram (checklist)

ABOUT THIS TRAINING When you're writing a post for Instagram there's so much to think about, right? In this resource we walk through the technical steps to post to Instagram, so you're never left wondering how to actually hit publish again! Guides from Instagram:...

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