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S4 E15: How to be profitable without having to hustle with Libby Langley

Listen on Spotify here Listen on Apple Podcasts here Don't forget to sign up to my free Five Ways To Make Your Website Sell More happening on Wednesday 20th March! On today's joyful and enthusiastic episode of Visibility Talks I am joined by no-BS business coach Libby Langley, who has worked with 6,000+ entrepreneurs, championing efficiency, profit, and joy in business. She is an Amazon bestselling author, and popular podcast host with her podcast Life in Business. In this episode we talk about  Hustle culture and how vital it is to get off that treadmill How to be efficient and...

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S4 E14: The stories we tell ourselves about money with Selomé Samuel

Listen on Spotify here Listen on Apple Podcasts here Welcome to another episode of Visibility Talks where I am delighted to be joined by our first ever international guest - live from New York, it's Selomé Samuels! We met in the comment section of a brilliant woman Simone Grace Seol, had an initial chat on a call and discovered that we would have a great conversation all about that VERY taboo topic - MONEY. What has this got to do with visibility? I do love talking about why money is such an issue and how to start tackling it (long time listeners may remember an early episode - Making...

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S4 E13: All about Launching – what works + what doesn’t (for me)

Listen on Spotify here Listen on Apple Podcasts here Back in the summer of 2023, I asked my Instagram community whether you’d like to know more about behind-the-scenes of my launches and and what I do differently these days, and you overwhelmingly said YES. So we set about recording this before Christmas and now I'm delighted to share it with you. So, this episode of Visibility Talks is a bit different, as not only am I being interviewed about this very topic by the wonderful Heather Hulbert (brand and web designer) but also we're doing it live in my living room from south east London,...

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S4 E12: How the stories we carry affect our visibility with Mel Wiggins

Listen on Spotify here Listen on Apple Podcasts here   On today's episode of Visibility Talks, I’m delighted to be joined by the amazing Mel Wiggins. Mel is a coach who works with women to encourage us to be more courageous and she's even been a guest speaker in Visible Vibes. In this episode We dive right into it! How we show up in the world and how that affects what we do How we can stop our inner critic from seizing the steering wheel when it comes to being more visible How the stories we carry with us deeply affect how we run our business Where we can start with being more courageous...

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Hello there! I’m Maddy Shine, blue haired business coach to creative women who run their own businesses. Here you’ll find advice and support to get you more visible. Browse the categories or binge it all. I’d love to hear from you!

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