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On today’s episode of Visibility Talks, I’m so grateful to be joined by therapist and Visible Vibes member Liz Stewart from Scotland. This conversation was inspired by a thread in my Visible Vibes community chat that actually led from another Visibility Talks episode where Franky from Love Audrey and I talked about how as women we have been socialised to be judgemental towards other women, and how this affects our ability + desire to market our business successfully.

Essentially, how to battle this fear of judgement that we particularly experience as women, and how that stops us from being more visible no matter where we’re at with our businesses.

As Liz is an experienced therapist and coach, I knew she’d have a lot to say about this. With specialities in anxiety, self-esteem, and whole self thriving, she has devoted her career to fostering complete mental and emotional well-being. Her approach is deeply rooted in holistic therapies and psych education that empower individuals to achieve the mental and emotional fitness required for a flourishing life.

I was so grateful to receive essentially some free therapy as I got very vulnerable on this episode!

In this episode

We talked about a whole host of interesting topics including:

How Liz got started from a place of suffering from anxiety herself and how she is now a therapist with a thriving business.

The real problem with addressing our mindset and how to start regulating our nervous system

How we have unprocessed emotions at the root of our business issues

The problem with positive thinking and what to do about it instead

Where does confidence come from, actually?

What is shadow work and how does it affect our mental and business health?

Why do we focus on the negative so much?

How do we face rejection and where we can start with self soothing?

I loved having this conversation and I hope you enjoy listening!

In her own words

Liz is particularly passionate about working with women of any age offering them the support, strategies, and space to reclaim their true thriving selves and an inherent sense of wholeness. Her unique approach is not only therapeutic but also educational, and practice-based, aimed at providing lifelong skills and self-efficacy. 

She is the founder of the Circle, a monthly membership program designed to cultivate true mental and emotional health. Members have access to invaluable resources and lessons on topics ranging from setting boundaries and emotional development to depth shadow work and adopting a wholeness heart and mindset. The Circle has received outstanding reviews for its transformative impact.

Liz’s commitment to the field is fueled by her own life experiences, her love for human psychology and the belief that healthcare is and should be attainable and sustainable for everyone.

Liz is committed to her continued professional development and is currently a student of the Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching & Leadership certification at CMI level 7 (Masters equivalent)

Check out Liz’s website here: www.enjoyconfidence.com

Follow Liz on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/Lizmytherapist

Thanks for listening!

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Maddy x

Maddy x
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