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Who IS your Ideal Client? Does it matter

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the term 'ideal client' and thought - well I just want to sell to anyone who will buy from me! Actually, this isn't a good strategy for growth. I learned this the hard way myself and it's something I'm keen to share with you no...

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Service Based Biz? Spruce up your Service pages

ABOUT THIS TRAINING If you have a service that you sell of any kind whether it's online or in-person, you need to have a page dedicated to that service on your homepage. This way you can share the link directly (whether it's in your blogs, social media, emails or...

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Nail Your Messaging

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you heard of the term 'define your messaging' and thought - "I don't need that, I'm not that type of business". Actually, every business needs to have a clearly defined message and use it through their marketing no matter which platforms...

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Improve your Homepage

ABOUT THIS TRAINING We all have one whether we're happy with it or not - it's your homepage, the first page that most people see on your website. But what should we have on it? What should it say and include? In this masterclass, we walk through what you...

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How to use Instagram Reels to get bookings

ABOUT THIS TRAINING When you heard that Instagram were prioritising reels, did you want to climb into a hole? Actually, reels are just clips of photos or videos with audio and text added to them, and if you embraced stories when they launched, you CAN make Reels a...

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How to take care of your website

ABOUT THIS TRAINING This one was specially requested by you the members - which tasks do you need to be doing daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annually to take care of your website? I'll be walking you through the simple steps you need to action. 1. Download...

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How to stand out in a crowded market

ABOUT THIS TRAINING ​​​I’m Lou Crosby, founder of Brighton Lace. We’re a feel-good lingerie label dedicated to producing beautiful, sustainable underwear designed & made by women for women. Brighton Lace started small, on a market stall to be exact, but we’ve...

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How to send emails with opt out option

ABOUT THIS RESOURCE When I'm launching a new program, workshop or anything else I always give my subscribers the option to opt out of the launch but then they can stay on the list for future offers / email newsletters. There are a few ways I do this: 1. Send an...

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How to launch your product/service

ABOUT THIS TRAINING Have you always wondered what else you need to do to announce your new product range or service? Perhaps you're seeing other people do these big launches and think, wow, what else can I do? Where do I start? In this training I'll walk you...

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