S4 E19: How to sell your products on Amazon with Vicki Weinberg

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On today’s episode of Visibility Talks, I am joined by Vicki Weinberg, entrepreneur, award winning podcast host and Amazon selling expert. We had a fantastic chat about selling on Amazon so product business owners listen up!

There’s no denying that Amazon is a massive platform with an untapped audience where you can sell your gorgeous products, and a fantastic way to get visible! But where to start? Vicki shares it all here.

In her own words

Vicki Weinberg founded Tiny Chipmunk, a bamboo baby brand, when her second child was just 6 weeks old. After years working in corporate roles, she wanted to work around her family and do something where the money she earned didn’t necessarily have to equate to the hours she put in.  Selling products seemed to be the answer.

Vicki offers product creation support and specialises in selling on Amazon.  She is also the host of a weekly podcast for product based entrepreneurs – Bring Your Product Idea to Life.  

Topics we cover in this conversation

Vicki shared more of her story that brought her here – I am always fascinated as to why women start their own businesses, aren’t you?

We touched on which parts of the Visibility Buffet work for Vicki and her business. The Visibility Buffet is what I call the wide variety of ways to be visible. You can’t eat everything at the buffet table, which ones do you dive into? 

We talked about selling your products on Amazon + why it’s a brilliant platform to get on

Vicki shared her 3 essentials to improve your Amazon listings as well as some myths about selling on Amazon and what she really wished everyone knew.

A massive thank you to Vicki for being such a brilliant guest! I learned so much and I hope you do too.

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