S4 E13: All about Launching – what works + what doesn’t (for me)

Listen on Spotify here Listen on Apple Podcasts here Back in the summer of 2023, I asked my Instagram community whether you’d like to know more about behind-the-scenes of my launches and and what I do differently these days, and you overwhelmingly said YES. So we set about recording this before Christmas and now I’m delighted to share it with you. So, this episode of Visibility Talks is a bit different, as not only am I being interviewed about this very topic by the wonderful Heather Hulbert (brand and web designer) but also we’re doing it live in my living room from south east London, together with a very noisy cat, you’re welcome. We got the giggles a lot, but I think that only adds to it, right?

In this episode

We covered loads including: How I’m (trying to) change the way I launch & why How I created a buzz in my audience before my last course launch and how this compared to previous launches What kind of content I used to prepare my audience How I hosted my challenge this time (the free thing before offering the paid thing) How when I opened doors, it was very quiet this time and what I did about that The attitude pointers I read out to myself every launch which I thought would be helpful to share here: Never assume audience knows what you do or what you’re talking about (even if they’ve been following you for ages) Make sure people who purchase get results and they will act as your cheerleaders Everything is an experiment. Just because sales are slow doesn’t mean you are a bad entrepreneur Make sure you delegate other things as much as possible (even if this means to your future self) Ensure your sales copy adequately presents the offering – remember the first point – don’t assume anything. Allow people to digest the information, don’t rush. Leave posts on feed more than you think is necessary. Don’t be afraid to turn up too much. What is too much anyway?! You are always surprised when people need to know information you’ve already shared so repost old content. Remember that you love writing and you would do more of it if you weren’t so scared of what might happen if you did. Your sense of self worth does not equal your bank balance and plenty more 🙂 I loved having this conversation with Heather so a massive thanks to her, and I hope you enjoy listening!

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