well hello there!

I’m Maddy Shine!

SEO and Visibility Queen, cocktail drinker, podcast host and 80s music fanatic.

I work with ambitious independent business owners to help get them visible – and so I thought you might want to get to know me a bit better, too.  

I’m not exactly a brown paper packages tied up with string kind of girl – more of a pink sequinned packages tied with a metallic bow kind of girl – but I am obsessed with Julie Andrews. Going to see her speak at Festival Hall in 2019 was one of the highlights of my life – so I thought I’d list some of my favourite things here in case they inspire you too! Is there anything on here that we have in common?

Quick note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you buy them through the link,  I may get a small commission. It’s important to note that a) it doesn’t cost you any more and b) I only share things I’d  have shared with you anyway!

How the magic gets made

(aka what I use to run my business)

For getting organised


I’m a BIG fan of brain dumping, so I do mine via the super intuitive tool Asana. We need to stop using our brains like USB sticks, and use them for creativity – and the best way to do that is to schedule everything else! There’s a free version, but I’ve been using the $50USD a month version for years.


Since switching to Calendly, pretty much everyone who books a call with me comments on how smooth this process is. The best part of meetings are the actual meetings themselves, getting to talk to new people and make magic together – the worst thing about them is having to go back-and-forth to schedule them. Calendly does all that for you. Highly recommend.

Google Workspace

Everything I do, I do it on Goooooo(gle)* as the famous song lyric almost goes. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, all in one brilliant place, plus hosted emails so you get your own domain email easily.

For taking care of myself whilst sitting for hours at a computer

I love being able to show up and flourish online – but I do not love what it does to my back! Self-care is wealth care (and, you know, just important anyway) so you can check out a list of healthy habits for working on the computer that you can refer back to here.  Looking after yourself is business 101!

For creating content


It’s no secret that I love using Canva. Their massive range of graphic design templates in their Pro version are perfect for so many different things, I really can’t fault it. I’m no graphic designer, I literally use Canva for everything and so I’ve been a happy customer for years. You can sign up here.


Stuck for hashtag inspiration? Research your hashtags with this most excellent tool. You can sign up for a free 7 day trial here*.

For managing my website

Becky Lord design

Becky Lord is the branding and web design genius behind creating this beautiful website. Check her out – her waiting list is long but highly worth it.


Your WordPress website is a pivotal point of your online presence, and I trust Siteground* with mine 100% – their hosting services are crafted with top speed and security in mind (for steps on how to build your own WordPress website check out my blog post here.


If you’re wondering how this website was built – the answer is Divi*. It’s not just a WordPress theme (or an M&S theme, for that matter) – but a total design framework that allows you to completely customise your site to suit you.

For hosting my membership


I’ve tried a few teaching platforms in my time, but Kartra is my favourite simply because it’s easy to use but looks great too. If you’re looking for a teaching platform that is pretty much all-singing, all-dancing then check out Kartra here*.


With video calls part of many people’s business now, we need to use captions to be fully accessible to those with hearing issues, Mums with sleeping babies and those who simply need to read rather than hear. For this I love to use Rev. Get $10 USD off your first order here*.

For SEO work

For Figuring Out Your Keywords

It’s pretty much guaranteed that your audience are Googling the things you sell – but you don’t know what words they’re using. Until now! Check out my guide to figuring out your keywords here, and my recommended (low-cost) tool Keywords Everywhere, which tells you the most popular words and phrases to use for your SEO. Sign up here*.

For adding your keywords to the right places

If I was to make an SEO-themed 80s cover band – and I’ve considered it – then my crowning glory would be The Power of Yoast to the tune of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Yoast is an incredible (free) tool that takes the guesswork out of how well your keywords are performing in a blog post. Basically, it’s a fast track to Google stardom (and it’s not just for WordPress, either!)  Here’s how to use it to get to Number 1

For Telling Google You Exist

It’s the 21st century of if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound – if your website is fabulous, but Google doesn’t know it exists, is it doing what you want it to? Google Search Console is the way to shout to the world that you’re ready and there – follow these failsafe tips to set it up.

For Speeding up your site

Load speed is an important factor in SEO, and it might seem impossible to figure out without buying 100 computers and a stopwatch and manually working it out. But we’re busy people, we don’t have time for that! That’s where GTMetrix comes in – it does that hard work for you.

For Tracking Your Google Rankings

It’s all well and good saying we need to make the most of our keywords – but how do we know what they are in the first place? SEO Edge & SERPMojo will help you figure out the magic words. Listen here for more info on how it all works

For resizing your images

SEO isn’t all words – oh no, it’s images too! And thanks to our old pal page speed (see above), you’ll want to use Tinyjpg to reduce your file size whilst retaining your image quality. You can read (and listen) to some more info on how to get your images found on Google here

For Tracking Website Visits

Google Analytics is a goldmine of important info, like how many people are viewing your site, what they’re visiting, where they’re coming from, when they’re doing it, how they’re interacting, and more. Though logging in may look like a spaceship dashboard, it’s not as scary as it looks – I promise! Here’s a foolproof guide on how to set it up.  

*affiliate link

How you can improve your visibility & SEO for free

Just like George Michael sang – freebies, they won’t let you down (as opposed to 6 years earlier, when he sang I don’t want your freebies. Real rollercoaster there, George)

my courses

Foolproof guide to visibility

If you’re here, it’s clear mama didn’t raise no fool – and these fuss-free, no-frill, tried and tested steps will take your online presence from hiding in the corner to taking centre stage. Simple, strategic and impactful, these visibility tips are no BS, all bullseye.

How to tell Google you exist

You’ve put all that effort into your website – here’s how to tell Google you exist and deserve displaying to the world.

my freebies

Wanna take it to the next stage?

I’m so here for a level-up. Here’s how we can make magic together:

my courses

visibiliyay membership

Not only will you get monthly workshops, live Q&As, expert guests and workbooks, but you’ll also get the warmth of this community of incredible women, who are in the same boat and ready to cheer you on. Pompoms at the ready!

blogging for gold

Blogging is to Google what legwarmers were to the 80s – that is to say, golddust. Revolutionise your SEO strategy and go from profitless panic to pole position with my signature 12-week programme.

VIP 1-1 Coaching

A magical mix of confidence building, business strategising and marketing coaching that will help you lead your business with your head held as high as your Google rankings. I’ll be your fairy godmother, tech support, agony aunt and wise sage rolled into one, not to mention your most vocal cheerleader.

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