(no raindrops on roses, but there may be some jazzy brown paper parcels)

well hello there!

I’m Maddy Shine!

SEO and Visibility Queen, cocktail drinker, podcast host and 80s music fanatic.

I work with ambitious independent business owners to help get them visible – and so I thought you might want to get to know me a bit better, too.  

I’m not exactly a brown paper packages tied up with string kind of girl – more of a pink sequinned packages tied with a metallic bow kind of girl – but I am obsessed with Julie Andrews. Going to see her speak at Festival Hall in 2019 was one of the highlights of my life – so I thought I’d list some of my favourite things here in case they inspire you too! Is there anything on here that we have in common?

Quick note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you buy them through the link,  I may get a small commission. It’s important to note that a) it doesn’t cost you any more and b) I only share things I’d  have shared with you anyway!

What i’m listening to

(when it’s not 70s funk or 80s power ballads)…

The Business Proposal

Rachel and Ellie’s podcast is the wedding industry’s secret weapon. Two pals chatting through all the things you want to know when you run a creative business, including brilliant interviews with a whole host of people.

(You can listen to my episode here)

Films to be buried with

In this podcast, Brett Goldstein and guests talk about the films that helped shape their life experiences, exploring all the brilliant lessons they learnt along the way (Mine would be Stand By Me, The Sound of Music and International Velvet, if you’re asking, but you’ll have to get me on the podcast to find out why! Brett, if you’re reading this…)

Grounded with Louis Theroux

After a career of interviewing those on the fringes, Louis released these podcast episodes speaking to a handful of celebrity personalities instead, who were no less fascinating (My favourite was with Miriam Margoyles)

Starting the Conversation with Alice Benham

Authenticity is a huge part of visibility, and Alice Benham has that in buckets – every week, she discusses part of running a small business, and isn’t afraid to disrupt the narrative if it needs disrupting. I just love her transparency!

Unf*ck your brain

(anyone else sing that to Unbreak My Heart? No? Ok). Kara Loewentheil hosts this sensational podcast for smart feminist women who struggle with anxiety and insecurity – to help us ‘f*ck that noise’. YES PLEASE.

Females on Fire

(listen to my episode here)

Females on Fire is hosted by Hayley Luckadoo, who describes herself as a ‘speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and big dreamer’ (love that!) It’s a podcast dedicated to helping women break through barriers, and defy the odds to live the life they deserve.

Audacious Babe

(listen to my episode here)

Magda is the person behind one of my favourite quotes ever: “Being an entrepreneur is not what you do, it’s who you are”(see the full chat I had with here on my Gin & Magic channel) – and so having a whole podcast where you can binge her genius is an absolute delight.

What I’m reading

(both for business and for pleasure)

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

Ready to do some good-old smashing of the patriarchy? This is basically the handbook, a brilliant resource to help you challenge outdated notions and fully own your power.

Hello my name is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins

We all know that names are so much more than names – so reading from a naming expert on what makes a good one is fascinating. No more naming paralysis here, please and thank you!

Clarity in Everyday Life

I mean, the title of this one kind of speaks for itself – a really practical manifesto full of empowering tips to help you gain clarity in all situations, all of the time

The Middle Finger Project by Ash Ambirge

I’d read Ash’s writing for the pure lol factor alone, but she also happens to write brilliantly about a topic I’m very passionate about; an alternative view of work, which leaves you happy, creative fulfilled, and feeling like a boss bitch.

What i’m using

to run my business…


I’m a BIG fan of brain dumping, so I do mine via the super intuitive tool Asana. We need to stop using our brains like USB sticks, and use them for creativity – and the best way to do that is to schedule everything else! There’s a free version, but I’ve been using the $50USD a month version since 2014 as it has lots more features.


I recently switched to Calendly and pretty much everyone who books a call with me comments on how smooth this process is. The best part of meetings are the actual meetings themselves, getting to talk to new people and make magic together – the worst thing about them is having to go back-and-forth to schedule them. Calendly does all that for you. Highly recommend.


I did set up my business to make my own money without limits, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend days of my life on my accounts. Xero does that bit for me! It’s so simple to use and my accountant can dive in and do the more complex necessary stuff for me in there too.


They’re oft overlooked but so important – finally in 2020 I set up a self employed person and I use Penfold. So handy and flexible! Great customer service too.


Your WordPress website is a pivotal point of your online presence, and I trust Siteground* with mine 100% – their hosting services are crafted with top speed and security in mind (for steps on how to build your own WordPress website check out my blog post here.


If you’re wondering how this website was built – the answer is Divi*. It’s not just a WordPress theme (or an M&S theme, for that matter) – but a total design framework that allows you to completely customise your site to suit you.

Google Workspace

Everything I do, I do it on Goooooo(gle)* as the famous song lyric almost goes. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, all in one brilliant place, plus hosted emails so you get your own domain email easily.


If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll know I love a juicy email – and if you’re not, you can hop on it by downloading this freebie! I use ActiveCampaign* for all of my email campaigns, as it acts as a one-stop hub for sending, stats and more.


It’s no secret that I love using Canva. Their massive range of graphic design templates in their Pro version are perfect for so many different things, I really can’t fault it. I’m no graphic designer, I literally use Canva for everything and so I’ve been a happy customer for years. You can sign up here.

Meet Can.did

The wonderful Fi at Meet Can.did recognised a gap between the number of female entrepreneurs and the lack of support in terms of offers, rewards and resources. I joined in 2020 and now have free private healthcare as well as a whole host of other benefits and now with a thriving online community of amazing female entrepreneurs. Check it out here.


I’ve tried a few teaching platforms in my time, but Kartra is my favourite simply because it’s easy to use but looks great too. If you’re looking for a teaching platform that is pretty much all-singing, all-dancing then check out Kartra here*.

Wise (formerly Transferwise)

Sending money in different currencies is so often expensive by bank transfer so I was delighted to find Wise (formerly Transferwise) who take minimal fees. You can sign up here for free.*


No one likes the fact that they need to cover their a** in case of a mistake or in case of an accident, but I’ve been using PolicyBee for years for my business insurance and whenever I need to make a change they’re incredibly friendly and jargon-free. Check out PolicyBee here*.


Need to set up a website quickly and don’t want to learn WordPress? Get a drag and drop template website easily with Squarespace. They’ve come on leaps and bounds with their back end functions too, so you can work on your SEO easily too. Check them out here*.


I’m one of Smarterqueue’s newer clients but one of their biggest fans. I love the ability to schedule my social media across the various groups I manage, to set up themes (categories) and recurring posts. It saves me so much time. Check them out here*.


It’s important to me to bank with someone who aligns with my values and Starling is female founded, ethically driven and on top of that, they have incredible customer service. I’m now with them for business and personal, highly recommend. Check out Starling here

*affiliate link

What I’m watching


Don’t say I’m not kind to you ! I watch and have watched so many brilliant and inspiring things over the years, that I keep them in this spreadsheet here.

What I do to look after myself

(because SEO and Self-care go hand in hand, don’t you know)

Evolve beauty discount

I’m on a mission to make my beauty bag more vegan and cruelty-free, as well as upleveling my skincare routine – this does both! You can get 20% off using this link

NIO Cocktails

Needs Ice Only is the name of NIO cocktails and I’m obsessed. This cocktails by post company has been going great guns since lockdown and they’re perfect for cocktail nights over Zoom 🙂 They’ve always got special offers going on, sign up here.*

Women with Sparkle consultation

Part of looking after yourself is protecting  your energy and nurturing yourself – Sally helps take you from struggling to sparkling, which you know is a bit of me!

Magnificent Marrow

Delicious, and nutritious nationwide fresh food deliveries. I especially love the doughnuts. Enough said! You can check them out here.

Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

This amazing toilet paper company gives back 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing countries. Amazing, right? I’ve had them on subscription for years – love their products. Get £5 off your first order here.


Since moving into my own place I’m printing a lot of photos in cute retro frames + magnets and I’ve found LaLaLab to do this in a quality way. Use my code “PGLUERB8” to get free prints here*.



I’m always looking for ways to upgrade my household stuff to more eco friendly options. I now subscribe to Smol laundry capsules which a) only come when I need them and b) are incredibly good for the planet by reducing plastic use. Get your free trial here.


What I’m teaching…

my courses

visibiliyay membership

blogging for gold

the gold print

And what I’m giving away…for free!

my freebies